Mark Mason e "The Real World Magic Workshop"

Mark Mason é uno stimato professionista americano specializzato in manipolazione e Close-Up e si é esibito in ogni tipo di evento, diventando uno degli artisti più richiesti a Las Vegas. Ha partecipato a diversi programmi televisivi e conta più di 100 apparizioni sulla TV inglese e americana, dove si é esibito al fianco di grandissime celebrità del mondo dello spettacolo.

Per il Congresso Magico di Saint-Vincent presenta in esclusiva uno dei suoi workshop di maggiore successo “The Real World Magic” in cui insegnerà ai partecipanti alcuni dei suoi più complessi numeri con carte e monete.

Il costo di iscrizione é di 40 euro e per prenotarsi occorre scrivere direttamente a lui This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. oppure alla redazione di Masters of Magic This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . A tutti i partecipanti verrà regalato uno speciale cofanetto DVD di “The Real World of Magic” del valore di 40€.

Ecco alcune recensioni sul workshop, direttamente dalla penna di aziende, colleghi e giornalisti anglofoni:

RG Smith Executive SAM show producer Boston MA “You are certainly one of the top performers in the world today. If any other producer or event planner needs a reference on how you can impact their next important event, they need to call me. If they want the best in truly wonderful magical entertainment, they need to call you“.

John Derris Magic Circle council “Mark Mason, is one of Britain’s leading close up magicians and lecturers“.

Richard Kaufman Editor Genii Magazine “I cannot put it any more simple than this: Mark Mason is the greatest magic demonstrator working today“.

Al Cohen Washington DC. “The best lecture I have ever seen””

Obie Obrien “Congratulations, a standing ovation at the 4F“.

John Luka Detroit, Michigan. “Thank you so much for performing here in the motor city, you exceeded all my expectations! What a fabulous job“.

Glenn Farrington Desert Seminar Las Vegas “Brilliant job, Mark“

Bill Palmer Houston “I really enjoyed your lecture, truly great material“.

Danny Archer LVMI Las Vegas “You were great at the LVMI . Many thanks“

Glen Gherardi Baton Rouge “To say you are good is the understatement of the century, I have traveled to see you not once but 4 TIMES“

Charlie Ford Myrtle Beach South Carolina. “Never have I seen a more delightful, witty and entertaining performer“!

George Mathis IBM Ring 88 Michigan. “One of the best and most entertaining lectures I can remember EVER attending”.

Scottish conjurers association. “Do not miss this lecture”

Don Wiberg, Magic Masters Chicago “All the comments about your lecture have been very positive and sincere, and that includes my feelings too. Royal and I were sitting in the back row and were probably the laughing the loudest of anyone in the crowd. You can hold you head high as you really did an outstanding job. I would recommend your lecture to anyone. I’m looking forward to seeing you inLouisville. I’ve already sent an email of thanks to John Luka telling him what an outstanding job you did.”

Bob Lushes, Long Island NY All the persons that I spoke to said that this was the best lecture they have seen in a very long time. It was both educational and entertaining.

Forrest Chapman Springfield PA. “Mark, Thank YOU for coming. We all had a blast. You received a standing ovation at the end. It was one of the best lectures we have had“.


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